Access / Low Income 2020


Access / Low Income 2020


NB This page is informational only, not intended for purchase - please click to the Access Tickets page to apply for an access ticket

Access tickets are cheaper tickets for people who would not otherwise be able to attend. We also have a limited number of access rooms, which are prioritised towards those with disabilities.

Examples of where we consider applications include but are not limited to:

  • Significant financial hardship / long term unemployed
  • Disability, chronic illness or anything that makes the event more expensive to attend than for some guests
  • Experiencing significant life changes
  • Member of a marginalised group
  • Single parents or carer

Please only apply if it would be impossible for you otherwise to attend the event This helps save places for those in the most need

All access tickets are subject to our standard Refund policy and code of conduct including the PAL system which requires you to arrive and leave with at least one other guest who you know and trust to vouch for you.

Interested in an access ticket? Please apply on this form

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