Superior Room 3 - (inside the house) double+single with feature bath

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Superior Room 3 - (inside the house) double+single with feature bath


This booking is for the room only from Friday at 3pm to Sunday at 1pm. Tickets to the event are extra. A maximum of 3 people are permitted to stay in this room. 

Room 3 is a Superior room with a double bed and a single bed. The room features a magnificent feature roll-top bath on a stage in the room itself.

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Refunds and exchanges are limited: details on our refunds page

About all our accommodation bookings:

  • All rooms are subject to our refund policy

  • Rooms and beds are for the max # of guests listed - no extras permitted in room, no discount for fewer

  • Bedrooms are not party spaces.

  • No glitter, no body paint and nothing that might stain or otherwise damage the room.

  • We take a £100 per room refundable deposit at the start of the stay, by card or cash.

  • We are not liable for your belongings and recommend against you bringing valuables.

  • We do not offer access to wi-fi and power / mobile data may be limited

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