The main difference of The Winter House compared to The Summer House is are that all guests have the opportunity to take a bed in the house if they choose; all food is included so all guests can dine together (unless guests choose to opt out of food by self-camping or staying elsewhere); and all activities are indoors. As usual we're flexible on which elements guests choose to take up, so if you'd prefer to camp and bring your own food please contact us and we'll whip you up a special ticket.


The Winter House follows a similar structure to The Summer House Weekend, with opening and closing ceremonies, opportunities to dine together, workshops and talks, interactive games, film screenings, a cabaret show and a party on Saturday night (featuring live music, dancing & playroom). Plus a hot tub, a library with a log fire, and lots of ways to commune with nature in the beautiful grounds and gardens. Visit our "What's on" page for guidance on what we're planning.


Your ticket price includes food on all the days that you attend. We are offering dinner on Friday night, breakfast on Saturday morning, a light snack lunch in the middle of Saturday, a big dinner on Saturday night, brunch late on Sunday morning and an afternoon tea as guests filter out on Sunday afternoon. Bearing in mind feedback from previous Summer House events, the food will be simple and home-style yet plentiful. It's vegan with an optional add-on for those who wish to eat meat. Guests dine together in groups and long tables; wine / drinks are extra.


The house offers a limited amount of accommodation at a high standard - close to boutique hotel quality decor with tasteful vintage / antique furniture. There are no tea and coffee making facilities in the room though free tea and coffee is available downstairs. We have block-booked a nearby (5 mins away) hotel with a minibus offering transport to and from each day. Finally you're welcome to self-camp in the grounds or to book your own accommodation if you prefer. Book your accommodation here.


The main ticket type is from Friday through to Sunday, including all food, workshops, entertainment and permission to camp if desired. Accommodation is available to all ticketholders as an add-on. If you wish to feed yourself please contact us and let us know. And for those who are not available for the whole weekend we have tickets for Saturday or Saturday plus Sunday. Book your ticket(s) here.


The house is just over 1 hour from London by car and about 30 minutes by rail from London Bridge or Charing Cross. The house is about 5 miles from the nearest station with a cost of about £18 for a taxi. We run a minibus service to and from the nearest station for , and we will provide details of local taxi services. Sign up for details of how to book transportation and contact us if you need a hint as to the location.