SATURDAY NIGHT DRESS-UP PARTY - Winter House 2020 Theme: To be ANnounced

The Saturday night party is the only night on which we encourage guests to dress up - and even then the theme is not compulsory, it’s just a guide for those who want it. Feel free to wear whatever you like, including outfits put together from our overflowing fancy dress rail!

 The theme for Winter House 2020 will be announced later on this year so stay tuned!

The previous theme for Winter House 2019 was ‘Sweet Nothing’.
Celebrating self-love! Whether you're a master baker or a little bit vanilla, come whisper some romantic sweet nothings with us. Wear as much as you like or don't wear very much at all, whatever makes you feel proud of being YOU! 

When the 2020 theme is announced, if you've got something else in mind, that's absolutely fine - this is a welcoming place and no-one is going to raise an eyebrow! But try to avoid the kind of straight suit / cocktail dress you might wear to work or a wedding.

We also have a dressing up rail with a selection of costumes, plus we're running a making workshop to create themed accessories. You can get into your outfit any time on Saturday and we have set aside 17:30 to 19:00 on Saturday as a specific getting-dressed moment. 

On the other days of the event you're welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable, whether that's casual clothes, something more fanciful and marvellous, or the ever-popular onesies, kigus and pyjamas. As long as you get changed inside the house, you can wear as much or as little as you like. (Guests changing at the local hotel should be a little more discreet!) 

Please avoid large-scale glitter or full-body paint (small amounts of face glitter, facepaint etc are fine) as this is a genuine old house and we don't want to spend huge amounts of time and money cleaning the furniture & floors.

Whatever happens, don't worry! Whether you're completely new to dressing up or whether you're an experienced masquerader, we will support you every step of the way.

What if I have another very special outfit that I want to show off?

As long as you're coming as your most fabulous self, however you prefer that, no-one's going to have an objection. We want you to enjoy yourself, and if that means a different but equally fun / imaginative look, no problem. You don't need to spend a fortune on expensive stuff - sometimes the most memorable outfits are made out of bits of paper, balloons etc. Feel free to revisit left-over outfits from other events. 

The only things we'd rather not see on Saturday night are casual / street clothes or jeans, conventional clubwear, conventional suits & cocktail dresses …. and please be respectful in your choice of costume, avoiding cultural appropriation — read more: [1] [2] — and anything likely to upset people or cause offence. 

We're here to help!

Even if you only have part of a look sorted out by the time the party comes round, we have various activities at the event that can get you sorted out. On Saturday afternoon we will be running an accessories workshop, and you can borrow hats or other items from our dressup rail.