Snuggle Bubble

Welcome to Snuggle Bubble; a non sexual, nourishing, consensual touch based space where we can chill and connect with our cuddly needs and desires. Are you a spooner or do you prefer to be wrapped in an embrace? What is your favourite cuddle position? Let’s find out! Bring a blanket and a cuddly toy if you have one - join us in this lazy, connecting, squishy snuggle fest.

Design Your D/s Scene

With Phopy

Guests should take part in this workshop if they would like to know how, through an interactive game, to create a consensual scene using you and your partners imagination.

This workshop is suitable for those that have been kinky for a while and are looking to build up their scene planning skills.

BDSM 101

With Phopy

The aim of this workshop is give our guests a safe and consensual space to dip their toes into kinky play. We will talk about definitions and kink practices and everyone will be giver every opportunity to ask lots of questions. No question is silly and everyone is welcome.

Tips for your Online Dating Profile

WIth Shannon

Don't know what to say or how to say it? Stuck on how to write about yourself? Afraid of sounding too cliche? With the help of others in the room, write a genuine and engaging profile, and get tips on writing first messages. Join us for Interactive discussions on best practice and interview each other to get a feel for how you might write a profile that's engaging and encourages more responses.

Dessert Island Disks

With Shannon

Favourite tracks, some sweets and our stories: what would you take to a desert island? Winter House guests can share the soundtrack of their lives. You listen, we provide dessert - well, cake.

(If you can bring along tracks downloaded onto a device, so much the better, as sometimes the wifi can be a bit janky!)

Breath Play

With Marti

Allow the blissful nothingness when you stop and trust.

Feel the ultimate power in your hands, while you control someone's life.

Learn all about the health and safety and how to quickly and effectively establish solid trust. Trust, resistance, emptiness, silence, power, vulnerability, fear and much more will be explored in this safe and lustful workshop where you can go deep.

What Do You Want From Me?

With Marti

Through a series of exercises we find our voices and really inhabit them. Then we meet others in the space as we play boundary games. The powerful acknowledgement that we can be truly heard transforms these games into tools for personal empowerment as we reclaim our right to be recognized and respected as equals. Delightfully, not only do we communicate our desires in the moment, we also home in ever more precisely on what those desires are.

Suitable for beginners and/or those with experience with the intention to practise what we need the most and were taught the least. Group will be mixed gender with the encouragement to meet other as they are without assuming their gender identity and orientation.


With Kristy

Try your hand at sketching a series of narrated pseudo sex scenes. No experience or skill necessary. Just bring your creativity, an open mind and your tongue firmly planted in your cheek. If you fancy being the centre of attention, put your hand up to be one of our pseudo sex scene stars. Drawing materials will be provided.

Filthy Floorwork

With Iris Sparkle

Filthy Floorwork is a fun, sexy floorbased dance workshop that takes the best from stripper style movement and brings it to you in a 90 minute choreography based workshop. This is for all genders, sexualities, bodytypes and fitness levels. Come and get steamy, learn some great movement and have fun.

Get Your Game On

With Amy Guerrier

This workshop will be heavily laughter inducing. We will play games that will have you "finding the fun in failing" and being able to really laugh at yourself and others with genuine love and compassion in your heart. Step out of your comfort zone and into your inner fool who simply wants to play!

Meet & Play

With Amy Guerrier

An invitation to meet each other in playfulness and our authentic expression. A mixture of games to get us seeing ourselves and each other more. We are sure to have a mix of silliness and diving deeper. You are welcome just as you are.

Getting Ready Held Spaces

Getting Ready Held Spaces

Saturday, 5.30pm - 6pm

Do you need some help getting emotionally party ready?

Is it your first time at event like this and you don’t know what to expect?

Do you need a help with your costume?

As part of getting ready, we will be offering 4 different type of held spaces to offer sharing & listening with practical support to gently remind you, that you are not alone.

  1. Let's Dress/Craft Up! - Shannon (Library)

  2. Fear & Feels - a space to talk about emotions and concern - Benjamin (Wellbeing Room)

  3. Delicious Desires - a space to be daring and shares desires around play, the whole weekend and beyond - Marti (The Lounge)